Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Special dEdicatEd tO mY bEst frEns..

(sizznie, k.jA & k.nOniE)

hurmm...riGht nOw i'vE nO idEa..bEcausE it iS eArly in thE mOrninG and my Eyes is still fliCkerinG..hehe..

tO K.ja & K.nOnie..
cOngratE sebAb dAh nk hAbiS bElajar..
aNd dIs AugUst yOu'll gRadUate frOm UnivErsity..
diS mAKe mE sO jElaoUs coz i gOt onE mOre yEar tO finiSh my stUdy..
i'm sO gLad knOwinG bOth Of yOu..
I still rEmEmbErEd tHe firSt dAy we wErE in UM..
k.Ja cAlled mE 'Kak'..i thOught i'm thE oldEr at thAt timE..but i dOn't thiNk sO...haha..
k.nOnie jUst cAme aftEr uS..
k.jA n mE wEre iN thE sAme grOup fOr MINGGU HALUANSISWA..
Oh bEfOre tHat,wE wEre in 4th cOllege..thE bEst college at that timE..
nOw,i dOn't knOw..

frOm my firSt imprEssiOn, i thOught k.jA waS a vEry sErioUs pErsOn..
bUt aftEr 2 minutEs talK tO hEr On that niGht..i knOw..shE sUch a
gOod jOker..hahaha..

sOrry k.jA..i jUst want tO say that whEn yOu stArt talkinG..yOu gOt a Lot Of idEa and othEr pEople will stArt lAUghing..
and k.nOniE..a quitE seriOus pErsOn..bUt aftER knOwinG her..i knOw shE iS vEry niCe pErsOn with the 'kakak sulong' chArActer..hehe..soRry k.nOniE..
3 yEars knOwinG bOth Of yOu..i fEel sO happy..althOugh sOmetimE wE gOt a mIsundErstandinG..bUt that's a nOrmal thiNg that always happEn in friEndshIp..
tQ tO bOth Of yOu fOr bEinG my frEn..
aftEr thiS..i hOpe yOu will gEt a gOOd + grEat jOb..
may bE aS a tEachEr samE aS mE??hOpefully..=)..
and doN't fOrgEt tO trEAt mE whEn u gEt yOur firSt salAry..hahaha..

anD the mOst impOrtant thinG..dOn't fOrget tO invitE mE fOr yOur weddinG..
(or i will invite yOU first??..hahahha)..

tQ n sEE yOu sOOn..!!!!(may bE with yOur hUsbAnd and yOur bAby??)..

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