Friday, June 25, 2010

deny n ego ~as said by eein termizi~

u know but u deny..and now u angry..although it just misunderstanding,but it bring the old story that i kept deep in my heart for years..yes,u never said,u never promise..but your actions give me the hope..u never tell,but everyone can read..dat's your ego..don't apologize,that's not your fault..that's my own fault..hope for the moon to fall on my lap..for you,it's not 7 years..but 12 years..*cry cry n cry*


  1. such a denial n egoistic...he just full of himself..yeah!!!love is like a rope you cant push it away instead throw it..n babe u should noe that scar are a reminder of evry fall..keep faith in u dat u will meet da better man in life sooner...blieve me!!!!its not the matter of pleasant feeling or crush to someone but its about love n sincerity that cnnot force by all..dats it!!!i wish i could healing ur pain n thougness hndling dis kinda sad forever...lets cheer up ur life n make it as fairytale!!!sooner or later u will find ur true luv that sorrounded of hapiness grnted by MERCIFUL~SSunguhnya AllAh sentiasa brsamamu~luv ya really mish the 15 of us
    love:eein termizi aka mc tuff

  2. oh oh..what a wonderful comment eein~ :)to yaniey, it'll be someone who is more lovely than him to be urs someday..YES IT WILL! just wait and keep praying to Allah..i wish u a great happiness.. :) insyaAllah..i miss syzlyn's 15teens buddies too..Xoxo~